Elac Debut ConneX DCB41 review: a neat, talented and compact hi-fi speakers system.

Are you looking for a neat, good sounding but affordable hi-fi system? Then Elac’s Debut ConneX DCB41 might be perfect for you. It’s a powered setup where one speaker contains all the electronics, including the 2 x 50 watt amplification, while the other is a conventional passive design.

Construction & features

Powered Speakers: Elac Debut ConneX DCB41

(Image credit: Future)

The two speakers are connected with a speaker cable that is supplied as standard. Unlike more expensive alternatives like Triangle’s AIO Twin or the KEF LSX II, smart network streaming isn’t included here, so you’ll need to specify the source. This could be an aptX Bluetooth signal from your phone, or something digital that connects directly through the USB (Type B), optical or HDMI inputs. That addition of HDMI ARC is a smart touch and opens up the ConneX for use with TVs.

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