Devialet Dione Opéra de Paris is probably the world’s most gorgeous soundbar

French audio company Devialet has released a special version of its Dione soundbar in collaboration with Opéra de Paris. This lavish edition of the Dione comes in a new brown finish, with an extravagant 22k moon gold center plate adorning the top panel. Devialet says this evokes the “gilded interiors of the Paris Opéra Garnier.”

The original all-black model already had a striking design, including a rotating spherical tweeter that can be rotated depending on the direction of the soundbar, but this new gold variant is undeniably even more striking.

Devialet Dione Opéra de Paris

(Image credit: Devialet)

In our Devialet Dione review, we praised its excellent clarity, sharp dialogue, and responsive rhythm. One major downside, however, is that it’s very expensive and, as you can imagine, adding a 22-carat gold plate on top doesn’t help the cost: this new special edition costs a whopping £2400 / $2900 (about AU$4340 ). That’s £400/$500 more than the original soundbar.

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