Cassia Networks Outlines What to Expect in 2023

Cassia Networks delivers easy-to-manage multi-device connectivity, edge processing, and location services solutions that can easily connect and manage billions of energy-efficient devices and significantly lower the enterprise IoT customer’s barrier to entry and cost. Today, Cassias bluetooth® IoT products and solutions are widely used around the world for industrial IoT, digital health, workforce and asset tracking, smart buildings and smart city applications.

I recently had the chance to speak with Felix Zhao, CEO and Founder of Cassia Networks, about recent trends in Bluetooth location services solutions and industry insights on what to expect in the coming year.

Question and answer with Felix Zhao of Cassia Networks

What Bluetooth technology trends from the past year have you noticed the most when it comes to location services and asset tracking?

“We have seen a rapid growth in the use of Bluetooth® technologies for mission-critical business applications.”

The first bluetooth® trend is the migration to the latest Bluetooth technology features. Cassia’s Bluetooth-enabled gateways, supporting multiple versions of Bluetooth technology, were introduced to the market several years ago and are widely used for many applications, such as industrial IoT, digital health, workforce and asset tracking, smart building, etc. Prior to 2022, most Bluetooth end devices connected to our gateways in corporate environments supported devices built on older versions of Bluetooth technology. Since the beginning of 2022, we see more customers using end devices that support new Bluetooth functions. Those are mainly Bluetooth features that involve greater range and bandwidth.

The second Bluetooth trend is the wider use of Bluetooth technology and devices for IoT business applications. Traditionally, Bluetooth technology was mainly associated with consumer devices, but recently its applications in the corporate environment have gained momentum. In 2022, we have seen rapid growth in the use of Bluetooth technologies for mission-critical business applications, such as industrial condition monitoring and device control in factories and vital signs monitoring in hospitals. As a global supplier of Bluetooth IoT products and solutions for business customers, we are excited to see this trend grow as its impact is huge.

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