Campfire Audio reimagines its eye-catching Andromeda and Solaris in-ear headphones

Campfire Audio has built a reputation for its funky, angular designs and hefty price tags. The Oregon-based headphone brand shows no signs of moving away from its aesthetically-focused roots with its latest releases, completely redesigning its original Andromeda and Solaris models from, it claims, the basics.

The company has announced the launch of Andromeda Emerald Sea and Solaris Stellar Horizon in-ear headphones, available for £1,449/$1,450 and £2,669/$2,670 respectively at retailers including Amazon, Harrods and Selfridges. It is therefore clear that Campfire Audio continues to focus on the higher echelons of the market.

Campfire Audio Solaris in-ear headphone presentation box

(Image credit: Campfire Audio)

I hope those changes are worth the price. Campfire Audio has promised a complete reinvention of both angular earphone models, with the Andromeda Emerald Sea benefiting from a new ergonomic shell construction, a new acoustic design and, hopefully, a new improved sound.

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