Atomi’s newest e-scooter doubles up on safety but stays neutral on other features

E-scooter brand Atomi has launched a new flagship vehicle, the Alpha, with a greater emphasis on safety than most others. This results in some features that, surprisingly, many other e-scooters don’t have, such as street turn signals.

There are other scooters, such as the NIU KQi3 Pro, which use LED headlights, brake lights and reflectors for safety (all of which the Alpha also has), but most of the time companies stop there. However, Atomi opted for it add more than the base (opens in new tab). In addition to the indicators, the Alpha is equipped with a series of adjustable mood lighting (opens in new tab) below deck and on the stem which are useful for night rides. You can control these through the Atomi app, where you change the color of the lights and their pattern. For the turn signals, there are physical switches on the steering wheel, similar to a car.

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