Apple AirPods Lite: release date rumours, price, design and features predictions

Apple is never far from the heart of the tech industry’s swirling rumor mill, so it’s no surprise that there are constant whispers about its plans for a budget version of its widely popular AirPods earbuds. While Apple hasn’t announced anything yet, a cheaper version of the AirPods dubbed the “AirPods Lite” could be on the way if the tech giant decides they would add value to its iconic earbuds. Indeed, those little white pods could be even more ubiquitous in our streets!

We’ve been largely impressed with the AirPods line so far – the ‘standard’ AirPods 3 got a whopping four stars and the premium AirPods Pro 2 got all five, while the five-star AirPods Max over-ears were arguably the best . most impressive of the lot. So a more budget member of the family would be a welcome addition not only to Apple fans who find the current AirPods expensive, but perhaps those looking to buy cheaper backup pairs or even AirPods for their kids.

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