A Nintendo console that AV fans will love is coming soon, mark my words

Nintendo hasn’t released a console at a similar power level to other contemporary consoles since the Gamecube managed to eclipse the PS2 in 2001. The Wii wasn’t nearly as powerful as the PS3, the Wii U’s power was closer to the PS3 when the PS4 was out, and the Switch has a fraction of the power of the PS4 (so it’s clearly miles away from performance of the PS5).

When it comes to audio, Nintendo wasn’t at the forefront either. While PS3 supported true surround nearly 15 years ago, Nintendo didn’t manage to do so until the Wii U in 2012. Today, the Switch is the only major console to rely on Bluetooth for wireless sound – Sony and Microsoft have both moved to higher quality alternatives with a lower latency.

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